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Farm Owner’s Insurance

When you’re a farm owner, you should feel secure in your business. When crops are susceptible to changes year in and year out, it’s crucial that you don’t suffer losses due to a bad year. Dufault Insurance Agency offers comprehensive and affordable farm owner’s insurance packages to help you when your yields suffer for any reason.

Protection from a reputable insurance source puts your worries about how the quantity or quality of your crops will affect your livelihood to rest. Contact our experts today at (218) 773-2480 to discuss which packages may be suitable for you!

Why Get Farmer’s Insurance?

As a farm owner, you know that many elements can impact your business every year. You’re at the whims of weather, soil, and pests—all of which can impact your yields whether your products are agricultural or livestock. Because your output can fluctuate year to year, you need to be prepared to handle the potential losses of a bad year. To prevent that burden from falling on you, invest in farm owner’s insurance.

With Dufault Insurance Agency, you can partner with a reputable insurance company that looks out for your well-being. We understand how difficult it can be to rely on nature for your livelihood. That’s why we make farm owner’s insurance as stress-free as possible. Reach out to us to get help from a company that understands your business and will provide you with security when you need it.

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Customize Your Coverage

No farm is precisely alike. There are many different crops, livestock, and machinery that farm owners can specialize in, and they all require different types of insurance. Dufault Insurance Agency understands that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to farm owner’s insurance. You deserve to have coverage that considers your business needs and treats you as a unique client.

We offer personalized insurance coverage options, so you can get the type of insurance that suits your style of farm. Some customizable insurance options we can provide for you include:

  • Water coverage
  • Loss of farm machinery
  • Farm accident insurance
  • Power interruption coverage
  • Crop insurance
  • Livestock and poultry loss
  • Farm structure damage
  • … and more

For any coverage types you need but don’t see on this list, reach out to us. We’ll work with you to develop a customized package that suits your business.

Cost-Effective Coverage

Don’t neglect to get insurance for your farm because of steep rates and costs. When you partner with Dufault Insurance Agency, you get affordable rates on all types of farm insurance. We’re happy to work with you to find rates and premiums that suit your business’s budget.

Saving on money in the short term isn’t worth the cost of letting your livelihood remain unprotected. You can both save money and have coverage when you work with us. Call our representatives at (218) 773-2480 today to work toward a plan that suits your budgetary needs!

Call Dufault Insurance Agency for Farm Owner’s Insurance

Dufault Insurance Agency offers comprehensive coverage for your crops, livestock, machinery, and buildings. If you’re a farm owner, you can trust us to have your back when you need it. Please book a consultation with our insurance experts today at (218) 773-2480!

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