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Personal Umbrella Insurance

Dufault Insurance Agency is your top source for excellence in the field of personal insurance.

Many individuals choose to bolster their existing coverage with umbrella insurance. Our agents will browse through countless insurance companies and plans, locating the best coverage options and rates. From claim filing to quote comparison, we meet all your insurance needs, providing you with expert advice.

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Dufault Insurance Agency’s Personal Umbrella Insurance Policies

Umbrella insurance, also known as excess liability insurance is essentially a secondary or complementary policy that goes beyond the limits of your current coverage. Home and auto insurance plans, for instance, are often paired with umbrella insurance policies. With umbrella insurance, you have coverage for secondary and related expenses that may not be covered by your primary insurance.

Our team provides unbiased information and policy shopping to suit the needs of each client. Based on the terms and amount of your existing insurance plan, we’ll locate the best underlying coverage to suit you.

Compare and contrast your various options with our agents and receive recommendations tailored to you. With personal umbrella insurance, you are more than ready for whatever the future holds.

Browsing Various Umbrella Insurance Companies

We work alongside insurance companies of all sizes, helping you to find the best liability coverage to match your existing plan. It is often easier and most cost-effective to work with the insurance company providing your home or auto insurance coverage. However, your agent will browse through all major companies with you.

We will present you with specific quotes and also provide information related to the claim filing process. You can be confident that your agent will work with your best interests at heart.

Adding Liability Coverage to Your Existing Insurance Policy

Our team makes it easier than ever to add underlying coverage to any insurance plan. In the event of lawsuits or other circumstances, your assets and income will receive additional protection.

While this type of insurance is suited to anyone, those who benefit specifically include:

  • Homeowners
  • Recreational property owners
  • Frequent travelers
  • Owners of high-end, classic, or multiple vehicles
  • Extreme sports professionals
  • and more

Our team is happy to introduce you to the benefits of liability coverage specific to your situation.

Certified, Experienced Umbrella Insurance Agents

Our skilled and qualified professionals have been active in the community for many years. We have established a reputation for our accurate and precise services, searching abilities, and informative customer service.

We have completed extensive qualifications and credentials and are fully licensed and bonded. So, you can rest assured that we can help with any insurance concerns that you may be facing.

Umbrella Insurance

An extra layer of protection when you need it.

Umbrella insurance to suit your lifestyle.

Experiencing a major insurance claim or lawsuit could lead to personal financial loss if costs exceed coverage provided by your standard homeowners and auto policies. We'll help protect your financial future.

Additional coverage for an extra layer of protection.

Umbrella insurance has an unusual name, but it's a simple concept-it's an extra liability policy for added peace of mind. Most commonly, umbrella insurance is something you get in addition to either a car insurance or homeowners insurance policy.

Focuses primarily on liability claims.

Umbrella insurance is specifically about liability, which is the cost you might have to pay to somebody else for an unfortunate event where you are held responsible. It doesn't usually include losses you bear yourself, such as if your property is damaged or your possessions are stolen.

Property Damage Liability

Risk Factor

You can be held responsible if you significantly damage another vehicle and/or property. Do you have enough coverage to protect yourself from the risk?


Your standard auto policy limit could easily be exhausted if you are found to be at fault. An umbrella or excess liability policy provides an extra layer of protection once your standard liability limits are exhausted. It's a cost-effective way to ensure the peace of mind you deserve.

Bodily Injury Liability

Risk Factor

It's easy to get distracted while driving. All it takes is an incoming text message, a fussy baby, or changing the radio station and your eyes are off the road long enough to crash into a pedestrian, bicycle, or another vehicle. As an owner/operator of the vehicle, you may be held financially responsible for any bodily injuries caused as a result of the accident.


An umbrella or excess liability policy helps extend your coverage to better protect you against these significant costs. It's the ideal coverage to provide peace of mind, even when the unthinkable happens.


Risk Factor

You invite guests over for a pool party and one of your guests dives into the shallow end of the pool and is permanently injured. They hire a lawyer to represent them and after a long legal battle, you and your family are left financially responsible for their injuries. Do you have enough money in savings to cover your legal responsibilities as well as the legal defense costs?


An umbrella or excess liability policy increases your personal liability limits by adding protection over and above your current auto, boat, or homeowners policies - providing real financial value, as well as priceless peace of mind. Excess liability insurance is available either by an endorsement to your homeowners policy or available as separate coverage.

Watercraft Liability

Risk Factor

Accidents can happen to anyone at any time, even those who have been out on the water for years. Personal watercraft insurance is a necessity, but sometimes the limit these policies provide isn't enough.


Your standard watercraft policy limit could easily be exhausted if you are found to be at fault for property damage or personal injury. An umbrella or excess liability policy can extend those limits, providing you an additional layer of financial protection.

Pays out when liability coverage limits are not enough.

You'd usually get umbrella insurance when your main insurance policy has liability coverage limits that are too low for your needs. Umbrella insurance will only pay out when your main policy has already paid out in full, and it will only pay out the remainder of your costs.

How does umbrella insurance work?

For example, if your auto policy covers liability up to $500,000 but you cause an accident that leaves the other driver with medical bills of $600,000, your main policy will pay out in full, and the umbrella insurance policy will kick in for the remaining $100,000.

Is umbrella coverage right for your needs?

The umbrella insurance policy itself will have its own limit, but this is less likely to be an issue. An umbrella insurance policy can be cheaper than you might think. While it covers large potential payouts, the premium usually reflects the reduced risk that the policy will need to pay out.

Talk with us about adding a cost-effective umbrella insurance policy to your account. It's easy and provides the additional protection needed to protect you and your family.

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